Air and Ocean Cargo Insurance

Account: for account of whom it may concern goods covered: to cover on lawful goods and/or merchandise of  every description (under and/or on deck) but consisting principally  of approved general merchandise consigned and/or shipped by or to  the assured or by or to others for the assured's account or control or in which the assured may have an interest but excluding shipments sold on f.o.b., f.a.s., c.&f., or similar terms whereby the   assured is not obliged to furnish marine or air freight insurance  and excluding shipments purchased on terms which include insurance to destination; also, to cover all shipments for the account of others on which the assured may receive instructions to insure,  such instructions being given in writing prior to sailing or air freight departure and prior to any known loss or reported  accident.

Attachment and limit of liability: to attach and cover for 100 per  cent interest on goods and/or merchandise of every description  shipped on and after April 1, 1993.


In respect of the above stated interest, however, this policy shall  not be liable for more than:
Limits: $2,000,000.00 by any one vessel, aircraft conveyance or location. To include duty &/OR taxes as and where applicable within the above limits. Conditions: Against all risk of physical loss or damage to the subject matter Insured from any external cause, but always subject to the following:


1. Institute Cargo Clause (A) = Full Cover - All Risk    


2. Institure Cargo Clause (C) = Total loss only